The Webmaster

Honestly, i don't know why you even bothered coming here. It's not like The Webmaster (sounds scary dosent he?) really cares about anything you have to tell him and if he did, you would already know how to contact him. But no, look at you sitting there reading this like some fool contemplating the meaning of life. Give up! Go away! There are no answers here, thats for damn sure.

Look, its quite simple. The Webmaster (sounds scary dosent he?) dosent really want anything to do with you. He is happy and content staring at his empty inbox, so go and try to spam some other poor schlub with your offers of internet porn and debt free living!

All comments, questions, complaints, suggestions, rants, raves,
protests, rodomontades, obiter dicta, observations, fustian melodrama,
inquiries, disputes, invitations, proposals, implications,
should be sent to The Webmaster (sounds scary dosent he?)